Digital Innovation. Based in New Zealand.


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Namaco is a dynamic innovation hub dedicated to reinventing industries through the creation, development, and acceleration of disruptive new business ventures and projects. Leveraging our expertise in modern, creative, and viral marketing strategies, we not only breathe life into our own unique ideas, but also partner with external innovators, providing them with crucial funding, strategic direction, and expert operational and marketing support to make their vision a reality.

what WE do


Creative Innovation

We harness the power of bold, unrestricted creativity to design disruptive projects that challenge traditional industry norms and redefine market landscapes.


Strategic Development

Our expert team nurtures ideas from inception to execution, driving each initiative forward with a meticulous, data-driven, and strategic approach to ensure sustainable success and industry impact.


Dynamic Marketing

Utilizing modern, creative, and viral techniques, we amplify brand presence and foster exponential user acquisition, setting new standards in marketing effectiveness.


Venture Partnership

We empower visionary innovators by providing comprehensive support ranging from initial funding to strategic direction, operational guidance, and powerful marketing strategies.